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Beginning november 1, 2018 new regulations for fire extinguishers in new york city go into effect.  The only valid inspection tags will be the ones that are pictured here. They are issued by the fire department and sold only to licensed companies such as village fire extinguisher co inc.
In addition, record keeping of fire extinguisher serial numbers, locations, and tag serial numbers must be kept for compliance with the fdny.
These new tags will have various fraud prevention means such as:
  • Unique serial number on every tag
  • halograms
  • only licensed service companies can purchase tags from the fdny
This is an effort by the new york city fire department to put an end to unauthorized and fraudulant service companies that have been giving our industry a bad name for years.
There will be a "phase in" period until november 1, 2019.  If your fire extinguishers were inspected prior to november 1, 2018, your current tags will still be valid for 1 year.  On the Next annual inspection, the new tags must be used.
If you have any questions you can contact the New York City Fire Department Bureau of fire prevention at (718) 999-2519 or 718-999-1525 or the public certification unit at 718-999-1994
you can always contact us for additional information and becomming compliant with these new regulations.